Subject: Re: sdXX matching wrong
To: Brett Lymn <>
From: Kevin Sullivan <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/10/2000 12:46:43
On Mon, 10 Apr 2000 20:00:16 +0930, Brett Lymn says
>According to Steve Woodford:
>>That's likely to be the cause. ID#7 is normally reserved for the host
>>adapter itself. So if you have a drive set to 7, you'll lose in subtle
>Yep, the scsi bus can do some pretty bizarre things when you clash
>with the controller :-)

Well, of course, but I don't have any drives at that target.  I'm just
reserving it so that the "sd" number equals "bus*8 + target".  It is much
easier doing this when you have many SCSI busses, and it avoids the "sd3
and sd4 just became sd4 and sd5, so /var/spool/news won't mount" problem.

And removing the sd7, ad15, and sd23 entries didn't make any difference.  I
assume that if I hardcoded just the disks I have then it would work, but I
don't want to have to rebuild a kernel just because I add a disk on
scsibus1.  This isn't Windows!

Any other ideas?  Where is the code that does the matching?