Subject: Re: /etc/rc.d/ runs slowsly
To: Wolfgang Rupp <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/09/2000 13:23:11
On Sun, 9 Apr 2000, Wolfgang Rupp wrote:

# Greg A. Woods wrote:
# > 
# > Now please get a grip on reality and stop living in a time warp!
# > 
# > /usr hasn't "belonged" on a separate disk ever since home directories
# > were moved out of it, or since decently priced disks got bigger than
# > 10MB (yes, megabytes), whichever came first.  The proper definition of a
# > root filesystem is that it be *stable*, not small -- it doesn't have to
# > fit on a single disk cylinder you know!

"Cheapness of resources does not automatically advocate sloppiness in
design or relaxing of time-honoured infrastructure."

Stable, yes, indeed.  / is about as stable as you can get - no dynamic
libraries, no other BS.  Keep it that way.  If I want /usr (really.),
I can mount it myself.

_leave_ _it_ _alone!_  Do it your way if you wish, but don't force it
as the default!  I don't want my system to depend on /usr being there
in single-user mode.

# I've followed this thread since it's beginning. I think it is time to
# disagree now: I _do_ have NFS-mounted /usr, especially on some old VAXen
# at home. /usr just does not fit onto an RD53 but NFS works fine. 
# While it is certainly true that "normal" disk space is dirt cheap today,
# there is still hardware that is not SCSI based. Is this the beginning
# of the end of useable old-hardware ports? I run NetBSD on i386 (read
# Pentium) at work, and I run it mostly on VAXen at home. Currently, with
# 1.4L/1.4.2 on VAXen and 1.4.2 on i386, it is no problem to use the old
# hardware as test machines.
# If you want it that way, I can still use ancient hardware as productive
# machines because up to now NetBSD supports new and old in a way that the
# basic system perfoms the same on everything. Except speed, of course.
# Will this change?
# Wolfgang

BSD: penguin flesh never tasted so good.