Subject: Re: /etc/rc.d/ runs slowsly
To: None <>
From: Wolfgang Rupp <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/09/2000 21:23:44
Greg A. Woods wrote:
> Now please get a grip on reality and stop living in a time warp!
> /usr hasn't "belonged" on a separate disk ever since home directories
> were moved out of it, or since decently priced disks got bigger than
> 10MB (yes, megabytes), whichever came first.  The proper definition of a
> root filesystem is that it be *stable*, not small -- it doesn't have to
> fit on a single disk cylinder you know!

I've followed this thread since it's beginning. I think it is time to
disagree now: I _do_ have NFS-mounted /usr, especially on some old VAXen
at home. /usr just does not fit onto an RD53 but NFS works fine. 

While it is certainly true that "normal" disk space is dirt cheap today,
there is still hardware that is not SCSI based. Is this the beginning
of the end of useable old-hardware ports? I run NetBSD on i386 (read
Pentium) at work, and I run it mostly on VAXen at home. Currently, with
1.4L/1.4.2 on VAXen and 1.4.2 on i386, it is no problem to use the old
hardware as test machines.

If you want it that way, I can still use ancient hardware as productive
machines because up to now NetBSD supports new and old in a way that the
basic system perfoms the same on everything. Except speed, of course.

Will this change?