Subject: re: /etc/rc.d/ runs slowsly
To: NetBSD-current Discussion List <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/09/2000 12:38:48
On Sat, 8 Apr 2000, Greg A. Woods wrote:

> WARNING: this patch uses 'fgrep' even though it isn't in /usr/bin.  I
> can get away with this because I keep /usr on my root filesystem (where
> it belongs! :-).  If it's not appropriate to move 'grep' to /bin for the
> sticks-in-the-mud who don't want to move /usr to the root FS, then
> perhaps 'sed' or maybe a really simple stand-alone true fgrep clone
> would be appropriate.  Note that a static 'sed' is only ~87k on i386.
> Personally if I were to keep /usr on a separate FS then I'd want 'awk'
> in /bin too.

	Slight variation on this - import skill into the base system and
	use it, maybe with 'skill -0 name'.

	This I would _really_ like :)