Subject: Re: uhci problem with -current
To: Chris Jones <>
From: Gary Duzan <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/07/2000 07:24:55
   I believe it is safe to say that the current uhci driver is
known to be pretty much foobar'd. Lennart Augustsson has done some
work on it, but has registered some frustration in related CVS
commit messages, and seems to think that the driver, or maybe some
of the other usb code (abort code?), could use an overhaul to get
the problem solved properly.

					Gary D. Duzan

In Message <> ,
   Chris Jones <> wrote:

=>My laptop's USB doesn't work, but it works with a 1.4.1 GENERIC
=>kernel.  Running -current (today's -current, that is), if I plug in a
=>device, and then immediately run usbdevs, I get:
=>reddwarf# usbdevs -v
=>Controller /dev/usb0:
=>addr 1: self powered, config 1, UHCI root hub(0x0000), Intel(0x8086), rev 1.0
=> port 1 addr 0 should never happen!
=> port 2 powered
=>And, a few seconds later, I get:
=>uhub0: device problem, disabling port 1
=>I've reproduced this with multiple USB devices:  speakers,
=>hub/ethernet, and serial dongle.  At least the speakers work on my
=>home machine, with an ohci.
=>FWIW, the hub has a "SELF PWR" light and a "BUS PWR" light, and the
=>"BUS PWR" never comes on, no matter what I do.
=>What should I do to test this?  Is there USB debugging I can turn on?
=>Should I just compile with UHCI_DEBUG?  Or would something else likely
=>be more helpful?
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