Subject: Re: sccstorcs?
To: Laine Stump <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/05/2000 18:23:47
>>what'd be really neat here is a program that read the sccs files
>>directly.  i don't have sccs on my netbsd machine...
>You could try out CSSC:
>I've never used it, but it claims to be a "mostly complete" SCCS clone.

i'll give it a shot.  :)

>If you felt really ambitious, you could us CSSC's source as a starting
>point to making something faster than the current conversion scripts - they
>do a full checkout of each revision, but all you really need to do (except
>at branchpoints) is grab the diff of each new revision, apply it, and
>commit the results to RCS. This could result in a considerable speedup (of
>course, if you're only doing it once, then it's no big deal anyway).

the diffs in both (rcs and sccs) are stored as (it seems to me)
something quite like ed commands.  i just fell like it ought to be
possible to write a perl script (yeah...i'm lazy) that read stuff it
and spat stuff out.  hmm...i've converted packet dumps before...maybe
this isn't so different?  :)

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