Subject: Re: ATI Rage128 with -current xsrc? (and wierd X crashes)
To: None <>
From: John Darrow <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/04/2000 09:35:34
Rafal Boni <> wrote:
>Anyone use an ATI Rage128 with the NetBSD-current xsrc (cvs updated about a
>week ago, if that matters)?

The necessary patch went in 2000-01-13, so your xsrc should be new enough.

>  I can't seem to make things work 100% on the 
>card, and sometimes I get pretty dramatic failures.
>Problem 1:
>	X comes up fine, but all text is either scramled (it looks like I'm
>	using a bar-code font 8-), or is scrambled when highlighted (the
>	TWM root menu comes up OK, but when any item is highlighted it turns
>	into the same trash as above).

See the faq:

Short answer: use Option "xaa_no_color_exp"

(I tracked this down in pr xsrc/9171.  Unfortunately the query-pr stuff
still isn't working since the gnats move.)

>Problem 2: (the scary one)
>	I thought this might be a problem with acceleration on the Rage not
>	working right, so I attempted to add 'Options "no_accel"' to my X
>	config file.
>	The result was that X started up, switched VT's and blanked the screen
>	and then locked the machine so the only recourse was to pull the plug
>	out of the back... (The machine has no reset switch).

Press the power button.  It doubles as a reset.  If that doesn't work,
try holding in the power button for four seconds or so.  That is supposed
to override and force a power cycle, no matter what.

(This is basically the same machine as I've got on my desk, with which I
debugged the rage128 problem in the first place.  I never ran into any
lockups, but the performance using "no_accel" was simply intolerably slow.)


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