Subject: Re: Strange X11 keyboard problem (was: Re: kernel build failure
To: Johan Ihren <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/03/2000 12:51:49
On 3 Apr 2000, Johan Ihren wrote:

# PS. Short summary of our keyboard problem:
# * i386 -current (from around 1.4P and onwards). But I'm not saying it
#   started there, only that WE started there.

"I, too."

# * Intermittently the keyboard "hangs". Only in X mode.  Most often the
#   "hang" implies "no input", but sometimes it hangs in an endless
#   repeat of the last key pressed. Shooting down the X server (from
#   another machine) fixes it (at a certain cost). When "dead" switching
#   virtual terminal doesn't work (no surprise).

Do you ever run into the problem where you don't appear to be switching
to a different VT, but you are?  i.e. you hit return, and your screen
decides to scroll sideways about 1/3 (possibly shifting its colormap!)
each time you cause the text screen to scroll by a line.

# * We have about a dozen machines exhititing this behaviour.
#   Unfortunately all but one are lab machines that are booked solid for
#   courses all the time. These machines only run NetBSD when I/we hold
#   our courses there, so its not a constant problem, but it makes it
#   difficult to play with them. The last one is my personal box and is
#   the one that has tried most
# * I haven't send-pr'd this because I cannot really categorize it. Too
#   many variables. Unknown to everyone else I've talked to. Strange.

Re-run xf86config and don't use the xkb configuration - use the one
that makes you run xmodmap.

There's something in that configuration (the xkb extensions) that seems
to just do The Wrong Thing.  I've had no problems in the past running
X on the same VT as the console.

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