Subject: Re: CVS anon stuff
To: Grey Wolf <>
From: Laine Stump <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/29/2000 18:01:59
At 01:47 PM 3/29/00 -0800, Grey Wolf wrote:
>I can't seem to do this right.  I have

If you're using pserver, you don't need ssh.

>and I can log in via cvs login, but when I go to do a 'cvs co syssrc/sys'
>as requested, it insists on creating a syssrc dir under /usr/src.
>So I have some questions:
>1.  How do I update /usr/src directly using CVS?

Skip step 5.

You can't easily start from a tarfile of sources and update it with CVS -
better to do a clean checkout. (If the tarfile contains the CVS
directories, it *might* work, but you may need to change the info in all
the CVS/Root files, depending on the CVSROOT setting of the person who
created the tarfiles).

>2.  Do I *really* have to have a repository in addition to my /usr/src
>    tree?  (It's lame if this is the case.)

If I understand your question correctly, no - just do an initial checkout
while in /usr, then both build and update in /usr/src. You don't need to
cvs update into a separate place and build in another; as you say, that
would be lame, and nothing about NetBSD is lame (unless you've installed
audio/lame from pkgsrc! ;-)

>3.  How do I retrieve the equivalents of ksrc-common and ksrc-i386 without
>    retrieving the rest of the architectures under /sys?  Is there an easy
>    way to do this?

Don't know that one.