Subject: sysinst problem on i386
To: None <>
From: Tracy J. Di Marco White <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/27/2000 12:48:52
I installed a fairly recent snapshot (20000314) on a machine using sysinst
but I couldn't get the machine to boot.  The best advice I was able to dig
up on the various #NetBSD IRC channels was that adaptec scsi adapters might
have bizarre geometry problems, and I should try something other than what
sysinst came up with for geometry.  This didn't fix the problem, the machine
would never even start to load NetBSD, and would halt at "Invalid partition
table".  There was another person on #NetBSD having the same problem, so
I suspect this may be a problem with a newer bios.  Anyway, the fix that
worked for me was to set the NetBSD partition active with fdisk.  Maybe this
did something else with the MBR also, but it was enough for me to be able
to boot off the disk I installed on.  Maybe this should be done by default?

This machine was a Dell Poweredge 1300, and the only other OS it had had
on it was the Redhat 6.1 install it came with.

Tracy J. Di Marco White
Project Vincent Systems Manager