Subject: awi(4) driver supports 802.11 DS cards
To: None <>
From: Atsushi Onoe <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/22/2000 20:48:51
I've just commited the updated version of awi driver, which now supports
802.11 DS cards as well as 802.11 FH cards.

Tested cards:
	802.11 FH 1Mbps
		BayStack 650
		Netwave AirSurfer Plus
	802.11 DS 2Mbps
		BayStack 660
		Icom SL-200
		Melco WLI-PCM
		NEL SSMagic
		Netwave AirSurfer Pro

	* Netwave AirSurfer Plus/Pro apparently requires updated firmware.
	  Please consult with keyword "BayStack 600"

802.11 DS cards can communicate with Lucent WavePOINT-II Access Points
(2Mbps, 11Mbps), Apple AirPort Base Station (11Mbps), and Netwave AirSurfer
Pro access points (2Mbps), in 2Mbps mode.

It supports adhoc mode as well.  At least it can connect to adhoc mode of
Windows version of BayStack driver.  Though I believe it can join
existing IBSS, it would fail to make online if there are no IBSS creator
since creating IBSS functionality is not implemented yet..
You can enter adhoc mode with "mediaopt adhoc" for ifconfig(8).

Also DS cards can communicate with adhoc mode of WaveLAN/IEEE (wi(4)) by
adding 'flag0' to adhoc mode, i.e. "mediaopt adhoc,flag0" for ifconfig.

Since I don't have enough environment to test with, there would be some
problems.  Reporting your experiences are welcome.