Subject: Re: Compaq array controller support
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List: current-users
Date: 03/21/2000 17:50:16
Hi !

If someone could build a set of install disks and put it somewhere on ftp, I
could give it a try.
I don't have a NetBSD system at work, and don't come back to home before one or
two weeks to build myself.
I could test a SMART-2/SL, SMART-2/DH, Smart Array 3200, and the Integrated

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Sent: Tuesday, March 21, 2000 2:53 PM
Subject: Compaq array controller support

> Hi. I've rececently committed a driver for Compaq array controllers. cac(4)
> handles the controller and ca(4) handles the arrays.
> - It's not well tested. On the hardware front, I have tested only with a
>   Smart Array 221, however the following boards *should* work:
>   SMART-2/E, SMART-2/P, SMART-2SL, Smart Array 3100, Smart Array 3100ES,
>   Smart Array 221, Integrated Array, Smart Array 4200, Smart Array 4200ES.
> - I haven't enabled it on anything other than i386. This is temporary.
> - It doesn't support anything other than PCI boards right now. If the
>   hardware is out there and I'm asked I'll see what I can hack up.
> - I loose access to this hardware in about a week. If folks have the kit
>   and could try it sooner rather than later, I'd appreciate it.
> Enjoy, and may the force be upon you.


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