Subject: Re: lbxproxy error
To: None <>
From: Laine Stump <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/20/2000 01:56:05
Wow! LBX must be really popular, based on the resounding silence to this!
;-) (You can probably thank VNC for that, at least partly...)

So, should I bother figuring out why it isn't working (looks pretty easy)?
Or are we about to import XFree86 4.0 anyway?

At 03:11 PM 3/18/00 -0500, Laine Stump wrote:
>Is anyone else using lbxproxy (Low Bandwidth X)?
>A couple of years ago it ran with no problem, but now when I use the
>version in the latest xsrc from NetBSD CVS (well, less than 2 weeks old
>anyway), it gives me this complaint:
> open_unix_socket() mkdir error: File exists
> Fatal proxy error:
> Cannot establish unix listening socket
>if the directory /tmp/.X11-unix already exists when it is run. If I
>manually remove that directory before starting lbxproxy, everything
>works fine, but of course that isn't an option when there may be several
>users of the directory at once.
>The file generating the error is
>Does anyone know if this code has changed in the past couple years? Or
>has something changed in NetBSD libs/kernel that would cause this
>problem. Note that other Xservers (eg, Xvnc) don't complain when
>/tmp/.X11-unix already exists.