Subject: /etc/rc.d source of boottime breakage?
To: None <>
From: Laine Stump <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/15/2000 01:48:18
A few days ago, those of us subscribed to current-users, but not
subscribed to the tech-* lists (eg tech-userlevel) were surprised to see
a bunch of files going into /etc/rc.d in the daily CVS update notice. A
day or so after that, my system disk got partially scrogged, and I had
to restore quite a bit of stuff, then do a make build. After doing this,
several things stopped working:

 * samba and sshd no longer started
 * jobs on my crontab set to execute at the pseudo-time "@reboot" no
   longer ran
 * various other things that I fixed and have forgotten now.

I also noticed a message during startup that said I should upgrade my
rc.conf.  So I decided I'd better search the mail archives and see what
this was all about. I found quite a raft of messages in tech-userlevel
which explained the situation, but none in current-users. So, my first

1) All this work is greatly appreciated, but please please *please*
   don't assume that everyone tracking -current is also reading all of
   the tech-* mailing lists. People who track -current are told to read
   current-users, and that's what I do. An announcement to current-users
   that some things may break, and that everyone should do some manual
   frobbing of their /etc would have been a *very good* idea either just
   before or just after this stuff was committed.

Anyway, I've fixed most of the small things, and I'm sure I'll figure
out where to put the startup for samba, but I'm not sure where to start
looking for the problem with the @reboot cron jobs not running. So
that's point (or rather, question) 2:

2) Any ideas why the @reboot cronjobs of a non-root user are no longer
   running? Do other people have this problem, or is it something weird
   with my setup? (Note that these point to a script that is on another
   disk, but that disk is in the list of critical_filesystems in