Subject: Re: XFree 4.0
To: Markus Kurek <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/13/2000 16:40:07
Markus Kurek writes:
> I have another problem on server exit. The console's font color is not 
> restored propperly. The first time the white color turns to be dark
> grey,
> after the second server exit  I sit in front of a black console :(
> This is on NetBSD-1.4T/i386 with an Elsa Erazor3pro Video (NVidia TNT2).

I see the exact same thing on a Diamond Viper 770 Ultra (tnt2 ultra) but
after the second time my monitor powers down because there is no signal!
(ok, just not enough)

I'm fairly sure I tested 3.9.17 on one of my TNT cards and didn't see this.
My guess is it is related to the gamma code, and there is some magic
config option that I need.  I sure wish the defaults would be sane.

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