Subject: Re: cross-compiling again
To: David Forbes <>
From: Erik Reid <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/12/2000 10:20:54
Quoth David Forbes:
>I have been trying without success to cross-compile a kernel using the
>cross stuff in pkgsrc.  Has anyone actually managed this, or are these
>tools only suitable for building static userland binaries?
>My latest experiment involved building an arm32 kernel on an arm32 machine
>using the arm32-netbsd cross package.  Now I have built the same kernel
>from the same source tree and it works.  In fact, I'm using it right now.
>However, using the cross tools, the compile goes okay, but when booted it
>fails to get as far as putting any text on the screen. (This may sound
>like it's an arm32 specific issue, but I don't think it is, necessarily.)
>If anyone's had any joy in this respect, in particular compiling from i386
>to other architectures, I'd love to know how?

I use my ppro-180 to compile kernel's for my mvme68k, it's been working great.