Subject: Re: Walnut Creek and BSDI merged
To: None <>
From: Peter Seebach <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/08/2000 12:01:53
In message <>, Peter Seebach writes:
>There's some discussion on Daemon News.  I technically can't say anything
>until the *official* announcement, which is/was/will be a story in the
>Wall Street Journal which may be either today or tomorrow.

The story ran, so the first NDA's are off.  I still can't talk about

but I can try to answer some questions.  Major key things:

* We have no hostility towards NetBSD and OpenBSD, and the impression I've
  gotten is that cooperation is planned.
* I can confirm that at least a few of the BSDI engineers are well aware of
  the existance of the NetBSD project, and know how much cool code has come
  out of NetBSD - for instance, we may end up using bus_space too.  :)
* '', once it's up, should have links to and descriptions of all of
  the BSD projects.
* No one outside the media is going to try to claim that "FreeBSD and BSD/OS
  are the two variants of BSD Unix" or anything stupid like that.
* It is likely that the support arm will be willing to do, at least, hourly
  support for *BSD.  I've been advocating this all along, because I don't see
  how NetBSD is any harder to support than someone running BSD/OS 2.0 who
  "thinks he had a backup once, but doesn't know what the tape drive looks
* Yes, FreeBSD is open, will be open, and will be getting code from BSD/OS,
  not the least of which is supposed to be the next-gen SMP.  Other things may
  or may not be contributed, over time, but the general preference is probably
  to make things accessible to the rest of the community if they're not under
  NDA.  Don't hold me to that, it's not any kind of official statement, it's
  just my interpretation of what engineers have said.
* This does not mean I have to stop running NetBSD on my laptop.  ;)