Subject: Re: New aic78xx driver code update
To: None <>
From: John Darrow <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/07/2000 12:10:54
On Tue, Mar 07, 2000 at 07:05:35PM +0100, PER4MANCE, J. Dolecek wrote:
> John Darrow wrote:
> > (If anyone's interested in troubleshooting the ntfs part... the NTFS is in
> Don't you have Windows 2000 on the disk ?

No.  It's NT 4.0, sp4 (I think), basically as it came from Gateway.  And
it'll be gone as soon as the new ahc driver is integrated, and I can move
netbsd off of the old IDE, which is why I'm not too concerned.  I just wanted
to feed back the info in case the mount_ntfs maintainers would find it useful.

The poor P5/233 on the other side of the desk is the machine that's gonna get
saddled with Win2K :)


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> Jaromir
> > an extended partition so it doesn't show up in the default disklabel.  I
> > verified through dd that the ntfs partition, type 7, is the first "primary"
> > partition entry in the extended partition table, and is the only entry there.
> > Running mbrlabel produces an entry for the ntfs portion of the disk, but
> > with type unused instead of NTFS.  Trying to mount it, either leaving type
> > unused or after editing the disklabel to set type to NTFS, produces the
> > above ntfs errors, and a mount failure.)