Subject: Re: Licence question - Linux sources
To: Dave Huang <>
From: Matthew Orgass <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/07/2000 09:34:06
On Tue, 7 Mar 2000, Dave Huang wrote:

> On Tue, 7 Mar 2000, Matthew Orgass wrote:
> >   This mailing list is for the NetBSD operating system, not Linux. 
> I suspect <> realizes that :) The question was
> whether the source files could be integrated into NetBSD.

  Heh... ok, that makes more sense now.

> But the question was whether the individual file was under the GPL...
> although IANAL and know little about IP licensing, etc... it seems like
> a file with no license agreement at all is copyrighted to the author of
> the code, and one would have to talk to him about the license terms. I
> do not think it's automatically GPLed because it's in the Linux kernel,
> but it's not public domain either.

  If there was no license on it, then it would not be possible to use it
in Linux.  However, it is distributed as part of the Linux kernel which is
GPLed as a whole.  IANAL either, but I am quite sure that this means it is
under the GPL. 

Matthew Orgass