Subject: Re: wireless / dhcp
To: None <>
From: Laine Stump <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/06/2000 11:37:11
At 10:19 AM 3/6/00 -0500, Michael Richardson wrote:
>supersede domain-name-servers;
>into /etc/dhclient.conf. You can override anything you want. I have
>my /etc/ppp/ip-up script write an /etc/resolv.conf file as well since the
>resolv.conf may be wrong.

Thanks! This is useful information, and does provide enough functionality
to solve my problem. Two problems with the auto-rewrite of resolv.conf by
dhclient-script still exist that make me want more configurability, though:

1) It prevents using any options in resolv.conf other than "search" and
"nameservers" (since that's all that is written in dhclient-script, and
anything else existing is erased). Granted, the only other options are
"sortlist" and "options", neither of which I have any use for, but somebody
else might.

2) It creates a small window of time when resolv.conf contains only partial
information, which could result in random failure of some process.

Anyway, I just don't like the idea of constantly rewriting a configuration
file if it isn't even changing. I still think there should be a way to turn
this off.

>  I actually don't do the above, but rather, put a default one in, and then
>override things in specific leases. When at sites with DHCP and a private
>name server I *don't* want to listen to my name server. (Well, I'd rather
>edit the "forwarding" lines, but I don't)

dhclient works just the way I would want it for a portable machine. The
machine in question here isn't portable, though. It's a gateway plugged
into a cablemodem on one side, and my home network on the other side. All I
want from the ISP is my IP address. Anyway, now I know how to setup
something that works, so all that remains is philosophical (or theoretical
at most).