Subject: Re: Compiling problem in lib/csu/i386_elf
To: David Querbach <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/29/2000 15:13:44
On Tue, 29 Feb 2000, David Querbach wrote:

> On a related topic:
> I've been running into similar problems in a different context.  I'm trying
> to learn how to cross-compile the NetBSD system, with the eventual goal of
> building a port to a new machine (the Motorola MPC8xx series).  
> My first attempt (for practice) was to compile for i386 -current using an
> i386 1.4.1 system.  I put the -current source into /usr/current, then I went

Oops. Upgrading via source is always tricky. There were a lot of changes
between 1.4 and -current, many to do with the build process.

> into /usr/pkgsrc/cross/i386-netbsdelf and built myself a cross-compiler.  I
> then made a little script I call /usr/local/bin/xmake:

[script snipped]

> This almost does the job, but breaks here and there.  The most important
> problem seems to be that /usr/pkgsrc/cross builds egcs-1.1.1, whereas
> -current builds egcs-1.1.2.  This causes problems with mismatches in the
> number of underscores in symbol names when debugging is enabled.
> Now I'm quite new to NetBSD, so I may be way off track, but this is the best
> approach I've been able to find to move from 1.4.1 to -current, due to the
> a.out vs elf change.

On all the machines I've done, I used a snapshot. :-(

> I'd be interested in knowing if there is a standard approach for
> cross-compiling the NetBSD system.  If not, is my approach reasonable?  If
> so, what should be done about the compiler version mismatch between
> pkgsrc/cross and src/gnu/dist?

I thought we were supposed to be getting new packages...  (wondering if
the person who was going to do it will speak up..)

If not, I think I still have Bill Sommerfeld's script around. It reaches
into gnu/dist and builds a compiler chain.