Subject: grep 2.4
To: None <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/27/2000 04:25:50

I just upgraded grep in gnu/dist to 2.4. This is my first import into
the main tree, so it's important to tell me all the things I forgot
about, so that I can do it better next time :-) 

I had to add /usr/share/locale/pt_BR/LC_MESSAGES/ to
etc/mtree/NetBSD.dist, so if you just want to test grep, don't forget
to run mtree first.

Thanks for help from Simon Burge, Hubert Feyrer and Matthew Green.

Note: the '-o' option (which is the same as `-H') we have been
supporting for 4.4BSD compatibility is now documented in the man- and
the info-page.

Changes since 2.3:
  - egrep is now equivalent to `grep -E' as required by POSIX,
    removing a longstanding source of confusion and incompatibility.
    `grep' is now more forgiving about stray `{'s, for backward
    compatibility with traditional egrep.
  - The lower bound of an interval is not optional.
    You must use an explicit zero, e.g. `x{0,10}' instead of `x{,10}'.
    (The old documentation incorrectly claimed that it was optional.)
  - The --revert-match option has been renamed to --invert-match.
  - The --fixed-regexp option has been renamed to --fixed-string.
  - New option -H or --with-filename.
  - New option --mmap.  By default, GNU grep now uses read instead of mmap.
    This is faster on some hosts, and is safer on all.
  - The new option -z or --null-data causes `grep' to treat a zero byte
    (the ASCII NUL character) as a line terminator in input data, and
    to treat newlines as ordinary data.
  - The new option -Z or --null causes `grep' to output a zero byte
    instead of the normal separator after a file name.
  - These two options can be used with commands like `find -print0',
    `perl -0', `sort -z', and `xargs -0' to process arbitrary file names,
    even those that contain newlines.
  - The environment variable GREP_OPTIONS specifies default options;
    e.g. GREP_OPTIONS='--directories=skip' reestablishes grep 2.1's
    behavior of silently skipping directories.
  - You can specify a matcher multiple times without error, e.g.
    `grep -E -E' or `fgrep -F'.  It is still an error to specify
    conflicting matchers.
  - -u and -U are now allowed on non-DOS hosts, and have no effect.
  - Modifications of the tests scripts to go around the "Broken Pipe"
    errors from bash. See Bash FAQ.
  - New option -r or --recursive or --directories=recurse.
    (This option was also in grep 2.3, but wasn't announced here.)
  - --without-included-regex disable, was causing bogus reports .i.e
    doing more harm then good.


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