Subject: Re: anonymous CVS via SOCKS?
To: None <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/26/2000 12:38:58
Andreas Priebe writes:
> Hi,
> has anyone ever used anon CVS via a SOCKS server?
> Is this possible at all?

From looking at the cvs code, there is no SOCKS support in it.
You should be able to build 'ssh' with SOCKS support and then use
anoncvs over ssh.

You need to install socks4 or socks5 from pkgsrc, then add the
appropriate 'USE_SOCKS={4,5}' to /etc/mk.conf.  Rebuilding ssh
(from pkgsrc of course) will then cause it to use SOCKS.

[make sure your socks is configured correctly]

Then you should be able to do the following as a test:
	% setenv CVS_RSH ssh
	% setenv CVSROOT
	% cvs checkout CVSROOT
	[warning from ssh about host key not found]
	cvs server: Updating CVSROOT
	U CVSROOT/modules

If you do get this working, consider writing up the steps (above or
additional that work) for inclusion in 'Tracking NetBSD-current with anoncvs'
at http://www.netbsd/org/Documentation/current/.

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