Subject: Re: joy* at pci?
To: Martin Husemann <>
From: Brian Baird <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/22/2000 17:12:33
> Anyone know how to handle devices like this?
> vendor 0x1319 product 0x0802 (game port input, interface 0x10, revision 0xb1) at pci0 dev 9 function 1 not configured
> Is there something to attach to this? If not, is the PCI spec on this class
> of devices available online? page 8:

A Gameport controller with a Programming Interface == 10h indicates
that any Base Address registers in this function that request/assign
IO address space, the registers in that IO space conform to the
standard  legacy  game ports. The byte at offset 00h in an IO region
behaves as a legacy gameport interface where reads to the byte return
joystick/gamepad information, and writes to the byte start the RC
timer. The byte at offset 01h is an alias of the byte at offset
00h. All other bytes in an IO region are unspecified and can be used
in vendor unique ways.