Subject: Re: vi update?
To: Miles Nordin <carton@Ivy.NET>
From: Jerry Alexandratos <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/22/2000 18:39:20
On Tue, Feb 22, 2000 at 04:16:51PM -0700, Miles Nordin wrote:
: This is crufty and complicated, but would produce a considerable social
: good.  Does anyone know to what extent BSD developers have opened a
: dialogue with the FSF, regarding whether or not this
: minimum-useful-adjustment fits with their idealogy?  They are in a much
: better position to change their license than we are.

I think the reasoning probably falls under the ideological constraints
of the FSF.  There's no point in co-habitating with BSD code, since the
BSD license carries the stigma of not requiring source redistribution.

As usual:

    BSD: "do what you like with our code how you like,
          just give us some credit since you used our stuff"

    GPL: "I am RMS of FSF, your patches and code enhancements
          will be assimilated into this copylefted source.
          Resistence is futile..."


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