Subject: Re: replacing nvi with vim (Was: Re: vi update?)
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/21/2000 02:03:06
(just chiming in, as is my wont :)

>VIM is great editor, my most favourite. Unlimited undo, syntax
>highlighting, build-in scripting (including Python bindings, if
>compiled in), X & mouse support to note the features I like most.
>However, I don't think I'd support replacing nvi with it in our

if vim is the thing that comes with linux, i have to say that i was
*very put off* at not being able to highlight text from a vi session
in an xterm so that i could paste it elsewhere.  while i can
appreciate the value of a good hack (eg, mouse support in a text based
application in an xterm), i completely violated my principle of least

oh, and the last time i built vim, the arrow keys didn't work for me
in insert mode.  yes, i know i'm not a vi purist (i cut my teeth on
emacs, i'm sorry to say), but after being delighted that they worked
in insert mode on netbsd all this time, i was dismayed to find a
"modern" vi clone that didn't perform.

vim == bleah!

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