Subject: Business Invitation
To: <>
From: Delphina <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/19/2000 12:03:37

Please if you have no interest in my business invitation, kindly reply by clicking on the link below.

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Attn: The Chairman /Managing Director 

Re-Personal Business Investment Proposal

It is my pleasure to contact you today at this point in time for an urgent business relationship /investment. I got your Company's contact from a diplomat who recommended your company for purpose of sincerity and honesty. I am Mrs. Hillary Kargbo from Sierra-Leone, the wife of the Late Central Bank Governor Mr. Christian Kargbo, under the short time ten-month Government of Major Paul Koroma. 

He was killed in 1998 among fifteen others on suspicion and accused of aiding the Rebel forces and Major Paul Koroma for a coup d'etat of May 1997 against his Government before the Ecomog Troops restored him back as President. 

The civil unrest, which took tens of thousands of lives, cost me my Husband, Properties and Family members. Currently I had discovered classified and secret documents belonging to my late husband under his underground SAFE, only known by me and few of my surviving children. 
Among these documents is a Certificate of Deposit of two trunk silver boxes as family treasures kept in a Security Deposit Firm in Accra-Ghana, which I just came over to confirm a few days ago. 

Attached with the document is an instruction that, the actual contents are $28,500,000.00 USD (Twenty-Eight Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars), although not to the knowledge of the keeping firm. I am contacting you please because of GOD to come to my aid in co-receiving these boxes and the subsequent evacuation of funds to your country for onward investment. 

I shall be ready to accompany you while I shall fully compensate you accordingly. Call me immediately you receive this letter so to furnish you all the details you want to know. 

My best regards. 
Evangelist: Mrs. Hillary Kargbo 
Tel: 233-24-383033, Fax: 233-21-302339 

I will be more comfortable to receive your reply by fax due to the sensitive nature of this transaction. 


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