Subject: RE: CD-TEXT under NetBSD? (update)
To: Edwin Foo <>
From: Edwin Foo <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/17/2000 17:24:59
Hi all,

I thought other people using cdrdao and (maybe) CD-TEXT might find this

First off, the documentation from cdrdao is a little misleading. I got my
CD-R working, but only after explicitly specifying /dev/cd0d as the device.
That "bus,id,lun" format does not work at all. :) I hope others read this
and don't waste hours like I did trying to follow the directions.

After that little realization, things have been peachy, except that the
CD-TEXT CDs I'm making don't actually do anything in my (supposedly)
CD-TEXT-compatible CD player (my car stereo - Pioneer DEH-8000R). When I try
to read the CD-TEXT information from my CD-ROM drive, it doesn't show up as
having any, and when I try to read it using my CD-R drive, it says the drive
doesn't support reading of CD-TEXT.

I can play the CD fine. I just can't convince the CD players I've been using
to actually read the CD-TEXT data. Apparently, Wolfgang Rupprecht got it
working. Can he or anyone else with experience with this chime in? Does the
CD need a DISC_ID in order for this to work?