Subject: options NFSKERB (?!)
To: None <,>
From: Steve Lumos <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/16/2000 16:35:41
Can somebody tell me the status of NFSKERB? I noticed that exports(5)
mentions -kerb and options NFSKERB, and net searching showed
NFSKERB-related messages in the changelogs as of last June, but the source
still contains a bunch of:

#ifdef NFSKERB

Since those are usually preceded by a comment like "Now encrypt
something", I thought maybe I just needed to install the secrsrc tarball,
but it doesn't appear to contain any files from sys/.

It would be nice if exports(5) said something like:

   The -kerb option [...].  This option requires that the kernel 
   be built with the NFSKERB option, but don't bother because it
   is not currently implemented.

It would even be helpful if there was a definitive statement somewhere on
a web page (where searches on NFSKERB would hit) or in the mailing list
archive.  Currently, web searches (for example searching "nfskerb" on bring up only changelogs, which made me think it was being
worked on which made me go to all of the trouble to exhaustively search
for how to enable it.