Subject: Re: Tangent: Current-kernel revision naming...
To: Chris G. Demetriou <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/15/2000 21:27:57
>> >>
>> >
>> >yeah, i've seen that, and referred people to it at times.  i'm jsut
>> >trying to simplify it a bit here.  to no avail.
>> was there no 1.3.1_ALPHA then?  or does (did) the 1.3-release line
>> just continue straight down to 1.3.3?
>Uh, i don't know the answer to the former.  the netbsd-1-3 branch
>'line' continued straight down from netbsd-1-3-base to 1.3.3 (and

well...okay.  i'll buy that.  :)

>when you see things like 1.4.2_ALPHA or whatever it was (which you
>probably _have_ seen recently, that does _not_ indicate a secondary
>branch off of the release branch (any more than 1.4_ALPHA or whatever
>would indicate a secondary branch off the release branch that was just
>created to become 1.4_ALPHA 8-).

i only ask because i remember 1.4_ALPHA, but i only ever considered it
a predecessor to 1.4 (-release), and the page mentions somethine
called "NetBSD-1.3alpha" and then a "NetBSD-1.3beta" and then there's
a nice bend.  :)

otoh, maybe the bend's just there to emphasize the fact that
1.3(-release) was getting further and further away from 1.3[ABCD].

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