Subject: Re: Building a domestic system...
To: None <>
From: Peter Seebach <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/14/2000 23:51:07
In message <>, writes:
>	Are you using sup to get your sources?  As Miles said sup appears
>to still be giving out domestic.  Not sure whether it's crypto-us or not.
>You should be able to check crypto-us out of cvs (or anoncvs, or ftp as
>Miles suggested).

Yup, using sup.

>>Huh.  I tried setting CRYPTOPATH to /usr/src/domestic, and it failed.
>	uh... what does your /usr/src/domestic look like?  crypto-us
>looks like
>CVS/                README              include/            sys/
>Makefile.openssl    bin/                lib/                usr.bin/
>Makefile.racoon     dist/               libexec/            usr.sbin/


|Makefile.openssl    README              include             sys
|Makefile.racoon     bin                 lib                 usr.bin
|Makefile.xt         dist                libexec             usr.sbin

>how does it fail?

Well, going into libexec/telnetd and building doesn't seem to get any
Kerberos.  :)