Subject: Re: mountd won't export /var/mail
To: Greywolf <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/14/2000 19:07:26
On Mon, 14 Feb 2000, Greywolf wrote:

: Here it is.  It's been reordered to make everything work.  The old one
: follows.

I think I see the problem, and if this works, you'll probably crap
yourself--it's one I had to deal with a long time ago.  (It Just Hit Me,
much in the way a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster hits like a gold brick with a
lemon wrapped around it.)

: ### old exports
: /usr
: /export
: /export/X11 	-maproot=0
: /usr/src 	-maproot=0 -alldirs
: /usr/share	-maproot=0
: /export/local	-maproot=0
: /usr/src/local	-maproot=0 -alldirs
: /var/mail
: /holt

: ### fstab
: /dev/sd3a / 			ffs 	rw,async 		1	1
: /dev/sd3d /var			ffs 	rw,async 		1	2
: /dev/sd1a /usr			ffs 	rw,async 		6 2
: /dev/sd5f /usr/src 		ffs 	rw,async 		6 3
: /dev/sd2h /usr/src/local 	ffs 	rw,async 		1 3
: /dev/sd0a /holt 		ffs 	rw,async 		1 3
: /dev/sd1h /export 		ffs 	rw,async 		1 3

*ALMOST* everything here is consistent.  -alldirs is only on things that are
actually fstab partitions, and nearly all of the exports are actually mount

However, /export is the only mount point for all of /export, /export/X11,
and /export/local; likewise, /usr is the only mount point for both /usr and
/usr/share.  The problem is that these groups don't have the same export

While it may sound insane, multiple directories under one mount point
_must_be_exported_with_precisely_the_same_hosts_and_options_.  I know this
deficiency has been pointed out before, and it is not one I know how to fix.  
Why this manifests as an error on a _different_ /etc/exports line in the
error message is beyond me.

Please change the following in the old exports setup as below, and let me
know if it works.  If so, feel free to file a PR with the additional
information above, requesting that nfs be fixed to allow different export
options on different subdirectories.

	/export		-maproot=0

-- Todd Vierling (