Subject: Re: ray0 in absolutely-current as of Jan 11?
To: Dave Huang <>
From: Neil A. Carson <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/12/2000 12:45:12
Dave Huang wrote:
> > So, I built a new kernel.
> >
> > BAM!  ray0 gets 10-50 dup packets back per packet it should get.
> You're using cardbus, right? Have you tried setting mem8=1 in pccbb.c?
> (see <>)
> That seems to do the trick for me...

I wonder if this is the same symptom that I get? I find:
  - Sometimes I bring up the card and it works fine.
  - Sometimes I bring up the card, nothing happens,
    and I need to ifconfig it down and then back up
    again to make it work.
  - Sometimes it works as above, and then stops working
    after a few seconds, minutes or hours at which
    point it's completely dead.

This is on a (small!) Pentium 133 box with ISA, running -current without
cardbus enabled. The purpose is to set up a wireless VPN on each floor
of my company's building without having to resort to Linux or Windows.
Sadly as it's not real work I don't have time to debug the driver.

I'll check www CVS when it starts working again in case I'm missing