Subject: NFS breakage...?
To: None <>
From: Mason Loring Bliss <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/10/2000 12:16:30
Hi, all.

I haven't paid close attention to this, given my elusively bad RAM over
the last month, but I share source trees using NFS, and there seem to
be problems.

This is from tcpdump, showing attempted mounts:

11:25:23.601839 acheron.domain > styx.65533:  3850* 1/1/1 A 0.0
.115.230 (104)
11:25:23.603569 styx.1019 > acheron.sunrpc:  udp 56
11:25:23.605127 acheron.sunrpc > styx.1019:  udp 28
11:25:23.606883 styx.1018 > acheron.sunrpc:  udp 56
11:25:23.615103 acheron.sunrpc > styx.1018:  udp 28
11:25:23.617205 styx.1017 > acheron.1022:  udp 104
11:25:23.617642 acheron.1022 > styx.1017:  udp 68
11:25:23.620794 styx.778506246 > acheron.nfs: 96 getattr [|nfs]
11:25:23.620969 acheron.nfs > styx.778506246: reply ok 28 getat
tr ERROR: 'Input/output error' [|nfs]
11:25:23.622199 styx.778506247 > acheron.nfs: 92 fsinfo [|nfs]
11:25:23.622300 acheron.nfs > styx.778506247: reply ok 32 fsinf
o ERROR: 'Stale NFS file handle'
11:25:23.623183 styx.778506248 > acheron.nfs: 92 fsstat [|nfs]
11:25:23.623276 acheron.nfs > styx.778506248: reply ok 32 fssta
t ERROR: 'Input/output error' [|nfs]
11:25:23.716509 acheron.nfs > styx.778506249: reply ok 32 fsinfo ERROR: 'Stale NFS file handle'
11:25:23.717620 styx.778506250 > acheron.nfs: 92 fsstat [|nfs]
11:25:23.717718 acheron.nfs > styx.778506250: reply ok 32 fsstat ERROR: 'Input/output error' [|nfs]11:25:23.718691 styx.778506251 > acheron.nfs: 92 fsinfo [|nfs]
11:25:23.718792 acheron.nfs > styx.778506251: reply ok 32 fsinfo ERROR: 'Stale NFS file handle'

Acheron is an i386 running 1.4S. Styx is a SPARC running 1.4P. Styx mounts
Acheron's /usr/src and a couple other things.

The port numbers on Styx seem bizarrely large. Is this an RPC thing or
something? Styx hasn't changed since before NFS stopped working, in any
event, so it would seem likely that the change is in Acheron, somewhere
between 1.4P and 1.4S. I can pop a source tree over onto Styx and rebuild
if it would be useful, but my initial impression is that the problem
probably isn't there. I'm way open to ideas. :)

    Mason Loring Bliss  I m m a n e n t i z e
awake ? sleep : dream;  t h e E s c h a t o n