Subject: Re: various scsi questions
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From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/10/2000 05:05:57 (Justin T. Gibbs) wrote:
> Although LVD requires higher quality cables, the physical connections
> are the same for LVD, SE, and HVD cables.  This means that you can use
> SE cables to perform LVD transfers, but you may see corrupted transfers
> at the higher speeds.

Oddly enough, this isn't much of a concern if you go to the next level
(marketed as "Ultra 160/M", I think) because all drives supporting that
speed do CRC. (I suppose you might have a really stupid driver that disabled
CRCs or got it wrong, of course.)

With ultra160 support due soon, it's probably worth it for most LVD users to
go for the ultra160 drives, which aren't much more expensive than the LVD
ones. Quantum was the first out with such units, I think (Atlas IV and Atlas
10K), and they won pretty much universal praise for them.

Regardless of CRC, spend a little extra to get really good cables. Get the
funky twisted-pair 68 pin cables if you're doing LVD or 160. Considering
the percentage of total cost and the penalties for having a bad cable, it's
the only smart move...


Alexis Rosen
PANIX Public Access Unix & Internet, NYC.