Subject: various scsi questions
To: None <>
From: Manuel Bouyer <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/08/2000 21:47:50
in the process of builing a high-end NFS server I've ordered and alpha DS20.
Now I have to put disks in, so a few questions to peoples who knows SCSI
better than me:
1) what is really ultra2wide scsi (the one at 80MB/s) ? does it uses the same
  cables as Ultrawide ?  Can I mix ultra2wide and Ultrawide on the same bus ?
  (I've never looked at ultra2wide scsi devices yet :)
2) with a dual-channel scsi board, do we have twice the bandwidth (i.e. can
   the controller manage I/O from both channels at the same time) ?
3) which scsi board would you use (supported in -current or in the near future
   of course :) ? I'd prefer 64bits PCI boards, and PCI slots usage may be an
   issue so dual-channel boards may be an option if it's worth it (I think
   I'll need 4 scsi busses in this machine).

Thanks for any pointers !

PS: I think I'll have a month or two to play with the box before putting
    it in production. If you want to test things let me know.
Manuel Bouyer <>