Subject: Can not compile Libc on PowerPC
To: None <>
From: Povl H. Pedersen <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/06/2000 12:18:18
I am using the macppc on an Apple Network Server, and can not compile libc 
on the PowerPC architecture.

I have downloaded and recompiled egcs (version 1.1.2), and when compiling 
libc I still get:

creating fhopen.o
: Assembler messages:
:2: Error: unsupported relocation type

Any hints appreciated.

PS: I can't get NAT to work either. TCPdump shows the machine receives the 
packets, but they do get forwarded. I am using 10.x.y.z on the inside, and 
192.168.x.y on the outside (cable modem). Using mc0 and vr0 as ethwernet