Subject: OSS lkm for NeoMagic (was: Re: a.out and -current)
To: Peter Seebach <>
From: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 02/05/2000 15:34:14
In message <>Peter Seebach writes

>In message <>, Jerry Alexandratos writ
>>Atrocious or not, right now it's my only bet for getting my NM256av
>>working in my laptop.
>I can't comment on the quality of OSS (okay, I can say I think it's "quirky"
>on BSD/OS), but I *CAN* say that I have a NM256AV laptop, and it works just
>fine as a soundblaster.

Just cause it works for you doesn't necessarily mean it works for him.
Whether NeoMagic hardware emulation works as sb, wss, or not at all,
depends on bios support.  i havent got a peep out of a NM256AV on Sony
Vaio PCG-3xx laptops.

This is one place where, on i386, pnpbios information would help PCI
devices.  PCI itself is "clean", but the hardware glue in PCI devices
for legacy motherboard devices definitely isn't.

But... the neomagic is an ac97 device at heat. rather than porting the
OSS driver, woudln't it make more sense to engineer a native netbsd
driver, usign our ac'97 support, and the info in the OSS or linux
2.2.13 neomagic drivers?