Subject: ISA<->PCMCIA card readers
To: None <,>
From: Peter Seebach <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/05/2000 05:54:36
Well, here's the summary:

I've tried three motherboards.  I did find one on which I could get an
ISA<->PCMCIA card reader to work.  Unfortunately, it's an old K6 motherboard,
and doesn't do the other things I need my machine to do.

I've tried a Tyan Thunder 2, and an ASUS P2L-97.  In both cases, I am unable
to get a quite-fully-functional pcic/pcmcia/ray0 configuration.

On both boards, if I reserve ISA space in the middle of the d0000 range, I
can't boot from either of the NCR SCSI controllers I have around, because
the board's ROM simply doesn't probe - so the system doesn't detect the boot

If I don't reserve any ISA space, I can probe the card in the d0000 space, and
it partially works; I can send packets out, but not receive packets.

If I reserve space either "above" or "below" the contested range, I get the
same results, unless I try too low a number (e.g., c4000 or c0000), in which
case, I don't even probe the PCIC.

This is with or without PNP OS set "on" or "off", and it does not appear to
matter whether or not I reserve IRQ's for "legacy" ISA devices.

The card in question is the RayCom card that comes with the WebGear
"aviator2.4" kit.

I *have* managed to verify that the card in my laptop can ping another card
plugged into a fairly obsolete machine I have no real hope of using in this
context, so the laptop works.

I am soliciting advice on what settings (either kernel or BIOS) to try to get
this working.  I can run on either a Tyan Thunder 2, or an ASUS P2L-97,
without much effort.  I am particularly interested in hearing what kinds of
systems people have these annoying cards running in.  ;-)