Subject: lukemftp 1.2 released
To: None <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/04/2000 00:47:25
i've finally released lukemftp 1.2, which fixes a few bugs, adds a few
features, and improves portability to other systems.

for those who don't know, lukemftp is a port of the netbsd ftp to
other systems, using an autoconf configure script and replacement
library for systems which don't have netbsd-specific library functions.

it is available at:
(and the various netbsd ftp mirror sites)

info from the `NEWS' file:

This is a brief description of the new features and fixes added to
lukemftp-1.2 since the release of lukemftp-1.1.  As always, the manual
page (src/ftp.cat1) is the place to look for complete descriptions.

* During remote completion, only send ``NLST'' instead of ``NLST .''
  when reading the list of files from the remote server; some servers
  don't like the trailing `.'.

* Support a leading ``[user@]'' for ``[user@]host[:][path]'' auto-fetches
  and ``[user@]host'' connections.

* Always compile in support for setting the type of service on transfers.
  Should speed up transfers on Linux systems.

* Improve performance of non-rate-limited transfers.

* Work around ftp servers that aren't Y2K compliant in returning the
  modification time of a file.

* Update the libedit library to support automatic and magic margins,
  allowing ftp's rprompt to move an extra character to the right.