Subject: New (serious) Samba Problem (Was: Re: FIXED Re: Samba
To: None <>
From: Laine Stump <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/03/2000 17:22:40
(Damn! This is *exactly* what I was afraid would happen. Serves me right
for putting -current on my main machine...)

I just downgraded from Samba 2.0.6 to 2.0.3 (by doing pkg_delete, then "cvs
update -D'180 days ago'" in /usr/pkgsrc/net/samba before doing another make
install). My problems have *not* gone away. As a matter of fact, I found I
have the same problem when Win95 is the client (initially I only tried it
on WinNT).

So we have a very strange problem:

    + Samba 2.0.3
    + WinXX running MSVC++ 6.0

    + Samba 2.0.3
    + WinXX running MSVC++ 6.0
    causes *client* to crash (reliably) during build

You'll notice that the only variable there is NetBSD. (and unfortunately I
don't have any simple way to revert back to the older NetBSD, which makes
life very difficult for me, since my paying job involves lots of software
being compiled with MSVC++ 6.0)

Copying files works just fine, it's only (so far) doing a "build all" in VC
that causes it.

So how do we debug a problem like this? Apparently there's some bogus data
getting sent to the client, which it doesn't handle at all gracefully. Does
*anyone* have an idea where to start? Can anyone else reproduce this problem?

At 12:48 PM 2/3/00 -0500, Laine Stump wrote:
>Bummer - I spoke too soon (but I don't think it's NetBSD's fault).
>Previously with December NetBSD and Samba 2.0.3, I could run MS VC++ 6.0 on
>a WinNT machine and do batch builds of a large project that lives on a
>Samba-exported drive. Now that I'm running yesterday's NetBSD and Samba
>2.0.6, VC++ gets several seconds into the build then gives me an "unhandled
>exception" somewhere in the VC++ application. Apparently it's getting
>something back from the Samba server that it "doesn't like"(tm) and
>choosing to croak on it.
>So, how do I downgrade pkgsrc back to 2.0.3? Samba's own installation
>always keeps around the previous version of binaries so you can revert if
>you need to, but when you do "make update" with pkgsrc, it removes all the
>old binaries. Is my only hope to figure out the date the supported version
>was changed in pkgsrc and do a "cvs update -Dxxx"????
>At 11:32 PM 2/2/00 -0500, Laine Stump wrote:
>>At 06:14 PM 2/2/00 -0800, Scott Ellis wrote:
>>>Samba works now on -current i386.  rsync'ing and rebuilding the kernel and
>>>libc solved the problem.
>>Working well here, too (well, except that it still doesn't implement all of
>>the odd operations that it seems only make a difference when running MS
>>applications :-/)