Subject: Re: pcmcia irq changes
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/02/2000 10:32:44
>I've just committed, (probably to my undoing :), code that probes for
>available irqs for the pcmcia controller.
>The code supports everything (to my knowledge) except the Cirrus
>chipset.  This is too bad since the cirrus chips are pretty common.
>The cirrus chips, however, do not implement the full i82365 register
>set.  The important thing they leave out is the ability to cause
>interrupts `soft-interrupts' (i.e., poke them and they interrupt).
>This ability, btw, is a pc97 requirement so I guess they don't get to be 
>pc97 compliant :)

	great!  actually, doing this for other isa devices should help
	first-time installation (and use of GENERIC-like kernel) a lot -
	for example, vaio505 has com1 at non-standard irq (irq 10 IIRC).
	bsdi is doing it for almost all isa devices.