Subject: Almost unrelated staffing question
To: None <>
From: Dave Burgess <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/01/2000 09:41:17

I'm not even sure how to begin.  This question is only peripherally related
to NetBSD, and almost certainly unrelated to -current, but I can't really
find a better place to ask the question (in terms of quality of recipients).

In real life, I work for the MITRE Corporation and we've been asked to do 
some research.  We have been asked to find information about enterprise
computer system staffing levels.  Here's the NetBSD part:  we are interested
in hearing about staffing levels in organizations that have any combinations
of three kinds of OS (Win, Commercial, and Open Source).

We have some good data points from military organizations (since MITRE is
a government only support org, that makes sense) but we would like to 
validate that information against some folks that do this stuff in the
commercial sector.  Rather than just go on about the study, if anyone is
interested in participating in this study, please E-Mail at either or  I will send anyone interested
a short questionnaire (the information on which will be 'anonymized') and, 
anyone interested can fill it out. 

Like I said, this is only peripherally related to NetBSD, but there's not
many groups whose information I trust as much.  I appreciate your time.