Subject: CVS and anoncvs servers should be back up
To: None <>
From: Harry W. Waddell <waddell@CARAVAN.COM>
List: current-users
Date: 01/31/2000 01:02:20
I work at the NAS facility w/ Jason Thorpe, et. al., so I decided to drive
in at midnight and power on the anoncvs and cvs servers so as to give
everyone a few extra hours of hack time... I've confirmed that anoncvs is
ok. cvs seems to be up, but I can't confirm it. If it has a problem, Jason
will have to deal with it this morning when he gets in. 

In case anyone was curious, the reason they were taking the downtime where
the CVS servers are housed is to upgrade the facilty so that it can be up
without any sort of yearly shutdown. Back when the facility was built,
shutting things down once a year for major PM was pretty much a standard
practice, at least at NASA. So, hopefully the pain will be worth it over
the long run. 

Harry Waddell