Subject: Re: i386 1.4Q hangs nonrandomly?
To: maximum entropy <>
From: Matthew Orgass <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/27/2000 21:31:14
On Thu, 27 Jan 2000, maximum entropy wrote:

> Then I started stressing it, and under a very heavy load I got a
> lockup.
> When it hung I was running: "make -j 12 build" in /usr/src; "make
> build" in /usr/xsrc; screen; top; irc; emacs; StarOffice attempting to
> load a 4 megabyte RTF file; a full filesystem dump under Amanda;
> Netscape with about 20 browser windows open; xconsole; an assortment
> of xterms.

  Hmm, heavy memory load... sounds familiar:  I've noticed that running
"grep foo /dev/zero &; grep foo /dev/zero &;"  will lock up my system
within a minute 100% of the time when X is running.  It used to happen
without X running, but now it only seems to happen when X is running
(which is why I thought it was fixed).  It looks like it gets stuck in a
loop and spends most or all of its time in uvmpd_scan.  I just sent in a
pr (kern/9308).  Sounds like this might possibly be what is happening to

Matthew Orgass