Subject: Re: Framemaker on NetBSD/i386 and suse_linux libs
To: Kazuki Sakamoto <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/27/2000 21:24:27
	If anyone can help on any of the below - please let me know...

    Running a recent i386 -current:

	Could you install the emulators/suse_linux-6.3 libs and try the 
	editors/framemaker package and let me know if it brings up
	any windows? (You will need to comment out the 'BROKEN' line
	in the Makefile)

    Running a native suse linux 6.3 install

	Could you try the linux framemaker download from
	(Trying to determine if the problem is NetBSD or SuSE 6.3)

    Someone who understands the linux emulation setup :)

	The linux framemaker binary runs fine on 1.4.2 using the 6.1
	suse_linux libs, but fails with 6.3 (even if the kernel allows the
	new linux vfork() syscall).

	It looks to be a linux libc issue, installing suse_linux-6.3
	and then overwriting the following with the 6.1 versions
	and all works fine:


	There is an additional problem with the fa.clickprint and other
	'plugins', that shows up with 6.3 bash.

	Yeck... I ran NetBSD so I wouldn't have to deal with this mush :)