Subject: Re: Samba 2.6 fails to run on Sparc
To: Dave Barr <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/26/2000 08:03:39
On Wed, 26 Jan 2000 08:35:47 -0600 
 Dave Barr <> wrote:

 > seriously question the confidence I have in NetBSD.  Here's what I
 > consider to be two really big bugs in what should be an extremely
 > well-used section of code, and it's been weeks/months without
 > a fix.  Probably it's because I'm running on SPARC, not i386.

Well, for one, the bug *is* in -current.  Now, while that is not much
of an excuse, -current is known to be "broken" from time to time.

Also, stop to consider that some of us (us being "the ones who generally
end up fixing these types of bugs") are often extremely busy people.

Trust me, I'm not neglecting you on purpose.  I am fully aware the problem
exists and intend on fixing it before 1.5 is released.  Thankfully someone
sent in a much smaller test case program which exhibits the same bug
as Samba.

 > This is not an attempt to fix blame, simply an observation on the
 > status quo.  I have tried in my own feeble way to find the bugs
 > in question, but it's beyond my ability.  Support for non-i386
 > platforms seems to have taken a serious turn for the worse.

I wouldn't say that... I think support for non-i386 is doing pretty well
(hey, some developers use those non-i386 platforms *every day* at home
and at work!) ... but we can't always attack things as quickly as we'd
like ... especially when we have a Real Job to work at which may have
other priorities for us (even if working on NetBSD is an integral part
of it).

        -- Jason R. Thorpe <>