Subject: Re: Network performance very poor on 1.4P
To: Mike Cheponis <>
From: Peter Seebach <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/25/2000 19:48:13
In message <Pine.BSI.4.05L.10001251733270.17272-100000@NameServer.Culver.Net>, 
Mike Cheponis writes:
>I'm getting < 15 KB/sec on a local 10 Mb/s Ethernet between the NetBSD
>machine (400 MHz K6-2/128M DRAM) and a BSDI 4.0 box with a PP150.  Between
>the BSDI box and a 486/66 with 1.4.1 I'm seeing about 650 KB/sec.

Interesting!  "between" being either way, or only one way?

>Oh, and I've noticed that when I telnet to the 400 MHz K6-2 box with 1.4P,
>often after typing maybe only half-dozen characters, the next characters
>are not echoed immediately - very disconcerting when you expect an 
>immediate echo.

Turn off rfc1323 and see if it gets better.  If it does, there's something
corrupting packets.  I've heard accusations that this is a result of a "bug"
somewhere in the timestamp code.  You might look at upgrading the BSDI box
to 4.1, just on general principles.  ;-)

FWIW, I have no FTP problems over 10Mb network between my 1.4Q NetBSD box
and either my 4.1 BSD/OS or my 4.0.1 BSD/OS.  I don't have a 4.0 for testing,
but I believe I did some tests with 3.1 when I had it (this woulda been around
1.4M or 1.4N that I last had the chance to try it), and it was fine.

4.0.1 <-> 1.4Q:
9461760 bytes received in 10.1 seconds (939107 bytes/s)
9461760 bytes sent in 10.9 seconds (871719 bytes/s)

4.1 <-> 1.4Q
9461760 bytes received in 13 seconds (726089 bytes/s)
9461760 bytes sent in 10.7 seconds (883129 bytes/s)

FWIW, this is over a non-trivial network; it's actually
	1.4Q <-> 1.4D <-> BSD/OS boxes

but that "shouldn't matter".  ;-)