Subject: Re: i386 1.4Q hangs nonrandomly?
To: None <>
From: maximum entropy <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/24/2000 13:01:20
>Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 18:31:27 +0100
>From: Manuel Bouyer <>
>On Mon, Jan 24, 2000 at 12:23:59PM -0500, Mason Loring Bliss wrote:
>> Is it possible that this last is the consequence of bad RAM? The RAM in
>It's likely the problem: note that there is only one bit which changes, always
>at the same adress.
>> question has lived through a system which died as a consequence of my
>> zapping it with static. However, the memory test when the system boots
>> up doesn't indicate problems. Today (or something) I'm going to whip
>This test is not extensive; and often doesn't catch problems.
>There are memory test programs available (lost urls, sorry) which are better
>for this.

One that looks good is memtest86.  Linux source is available, and the
linux source distribution also contains a precompiled binary, which
can be dd'ed onto a floppy and booted standalone.

You can also find some memory testers and some other useful
diagnostics that run under DOS at: