Subject: Re: login.conf integration?
To: Martin J. Laubach <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/23/2000 08:19:53
On Sun, 23 Jan 2000, Martin J. Laubach wrote:

>   I can see the rationale in it (not having root depend on
> other people's path settings (for security reasons)), however it
> conflicts with the description in the manpage.
>   Not sure what TRT is, fix the behaviour or the documentation?

I'd vote to fix the behavior to match what we used to do. :-) But the
right place to discuss it would probably be tech-security and or

Although isn't the new shell (if it's csh based) supposed to run .cshrc?
That explicitly sets the path in the distribution, so wouldn't that be
resetting the path? Note that the path it sets things to includes the sbin

Take care,